What we do.

Inspire future travellers​

Create the perfect digital customer journey, from the point of travel inspiration to repeat guest.

What digital nirvana looks like

We allow your travel brand to thrive by enabling five key digital elements via our services plans:

Ongoing brand value

New customer aquisition

Sales revenue


Repeat client community

Digital Experience

Your brand’s story is unique. Flux allows you to tell that story to a digital audience at scale.

Fulfilment-ready® websites

We build fulfilment-ready websites that follow UX best practices for the travel industry.

Content management

Curated content creation unique to your brand voice and product.

Performance marketing

Paid and non-paid marketing strategies developed according to your brands' digital maturity.

Step one.

Create your digital product

Your digital journey is underway as Flux walks you through a brief Discovery process, identifying your digital product requirements and the scope of the product we will build for you.

Our digital products examples include lodge or hotel websites, mobile applications, complex ecommerce or booking engines (such as OTA’s), as well as user design features and content production for websites. 

Step two.

Accelerate your brand awareness

With your digital product in place,  Flux scales your reach by setting up and initiating performance marketing campaigns for your digital products.  

Flux utilizes platforms best suited to your unique customer profile, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube to name a few, generating new leads to your brand.

Step three.

Fine tune your brands performance

Now that you have a wide audience and digital presence, Flux begins to fine tune the nuances of your brand’s performance informed by data analytics.

We do this by implementing best-in-class analytics and tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, PowerBI and Google Data Studio, to understand your customers better in order to best find and serve them.

Traveller Experience

By utilizing our expertise, technology, and seamless digital experience, Flux establishes trust and advocacy for your travel brand.

White Label Travel Desk

Travel experts fielding your digital leads, and creating bespoke travel experiences for your guests under your brand.

Direct Bookings

Enabling seamless transactions off your website, for single or multi-product bookings.

CRM Marketing

Engaging your customer community through our CRM systems and campaign management.

Step four.

Convert your leads

With new leads comes significant sales opportunity for your brand. Flux fulfillment services allow a seamless white label service, integrating with your digital products, and converting on leads that your in-house teams do not have the time or resources to nurture. 

With multiple fulfillment services, such as Flux travel desk, direct booking, or booking engine, we ensure no lead is neglected.

Step five.

Build your repeat client community

Improve your customer lifetime value, and lower your customer lifetime acquisition costs by building your repeat client database. Flux implements the tools and techniques that build trust and create advocacy from your customers for your brand, long after they have travelled with you. 

Our Plans.

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Travel is in our blood

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