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Who we are

Flux was created with the desire to bring travel and hospitality brands of meaning into the digital world.

Online travel defines us, empowers you

We strive to make an impact – whether it’s with our clients, our communities, in the lives of Flux employees or in the natural world. This is our passion and, driven by our mission and company manifesto, we’re committed to constant innovation and results-focused digital marketing that create sustainable online revenue channels.

Based at The Foundry in De Waterkant, Cape Town, we call on a team of award-winning, industry-leading experts in their fields to help us provide a complete full-circle solution of digital services for our clients. It’s our thorough understanding of the luxury travel market, performance-driven digital expertise and commitment to working with impactful travel brands that helps set Flux apart.

Our Vision

Creating the world’s leading online travel experiences

Our Mission

To bring travel and hospitality brands of meaning and impact into the digital world

Meet the Team

The brains behind it all

Founder & CEO

Stuart Lewis

Stuart leads the company as it builds an ecosystem of travel technology and services that empower travel brands around the world. His experience over the past decade includes leadership roles focused on growth hacking and scaling businesses across hospitality, retail, ecommerce and the travel industry for companies such as Rhino Africa and ecommerce giants Naspers and Media 24. Stuart’s passion for travel, wildlife and conservation-based tourism was the driving force behind founding Flux and its mission to bring travel and hospitality brands of meaning into the digital world.

Senior Account Catalyst

Alita Wilkens

Alita is a Senior Account Catalyst at Flux, focusing on building and maintaining relationships with our clients and ensuring continuous growth and sales for their travel brands. With over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Alita has a love for seeing projects come to life, and meeting and working with different kinds of people. After studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), she completed her studies with a Journalism Honours degree at Stellenbosch University. Alita has a passion for travel, especially in its ability to educate and bring people together.


Taahir Isaacs

Taahir is our Chief Technology Officer, overseeing and leading the strategy for technology development and the architecture of our digital platforms. Taahir’s skillset is multifaceted, having run his own digital studio for 5 years and more recently led UX and Web Development for Africa’s leading tour operator. He has worked with international startups in the IoT, FinTech and Media Monitoring sectors, where he gained major exposure to the technological requirements for each stage of growth within the startup/scale-up ecosystem.

Web Developer

Raa-iq Williams

Raa-iq is our Lead Web Developer at Flux, developing and maintaining client websites to ensure they meet the highest standards. After attending a coding bootcamp, he directed his focus towards web development, building expertise in both front-end and back-end solutions. Raa-iq is fascinated by the problem-solving component of development, and the ability to translate an idea into a more tangible asset. He is passionate about providing our clients with the appropriate technology needed to allow their online brand to flourish.

Head of Marketing

Seton Fisher

Seton is our Head of Marketing at Flux, overseeing our multi-channel marketing portfolio and optimising lead acquisition for our clients. After specialising in Integrated Organisational Communication at UNISA, Seton started her career in digital marketing, focusing on travel to Africa and managing marketing initiatives for both a large tour operator and individual properties. Seton is committed to digital transformation and using data to drive decisions. She is passionate about knowledge share, empowering young and previously disadvantaged groups and partnering with brands that prioritise community development and sustainability.

Digital Designer

Alex Barrett

Alex is our in-house Digital Designer, bringing our clients’ creative visions to life. She works on multiple projects from UX and UI design, branding, campaign design and social media to print and stationery. With a degree in Visual Communication from Vega Cape Town, Alex got her professional start as a Graphic Designer in the travel industry at Africa’s leading tour operator and went on to work with an international start-up before joining Flux. Alex has always had a craving to travel, which has translated into a passion for using her skills to support sustainable tourism.

Chief Accountability Partner


Jackson (affectionately named after a favourite travel destination, Jackson Hole, Wyoming) is our in-residence accountability partner. He ensures that all members of the Flux team adhere to a core value: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously – because life is a gift and it’s way more fun with laughter”. Jackson is passionate about socks, chewing, tummy rubs and any form of affection shown by anything with a heartbeat.


Small team, global network

Our vision to create the world’s leading online travel experiences requires calling on the power of the collective, who are experts in the fields of travel and technology, to help us realise it. We call upon our network of freelance travel and technology professionals to help us bring travel brands into the digital world.

If working with people with a passion for travel, impact-orientated work, and technology appeals to you, get in touch here.

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Supporting Sustainability

People. Planet. Profit.

As our Flux Manifesto declares: “we are an ecosystem of impact”. It’s the driving force behind our decisions and actions. Our ecosystem of impact is far reaching, and includes not only improving the lives of the people that make Flux what it is, but also our shared responsibility to conserve and where necessary restore our natural world.

It is for this reason that Flux has partnered with 1% for the Planet, a global movement that ensures its members give directly to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organisations. By being a member, it means that Flux donates 1% of our sales to a chosen 1% for the Planet nonprofit organisation at the end of every financial year. Consider it a self-imposed tax, for the betterment of our planet.

Please visit https://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/ to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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